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Why Didn’t the Shark Eat the Lawyer?

Answer: Professional Courtesy


Whole books have been written consisting solely of lawyer jokes - many comparing lawyers to sharks. As with most stereotypes, there is enough truth to make us laugh…and cry.


People love to hate lawyers and the accompanying jokes. If everyone told the truth and everyone followed the golden rule, there would be no need for lawyers. Since this is not so, lawyers are necessary to protect honest people and their property. Most lawyers are ethical representatives of their clients.


So, before you join the filing frenzy of litigation contact a lawyer to defend your rights. Brian Beauchamp, P.A. is committed to helping you with your legal problems.

The law is Brian’s second career


Varied multi-cultural and challenging experiences in sales, law and international realms provide Brian with a unique set of credentials valuable to his representation of clients. He managed operations on numerous continents and in various legal spheres where he was successful in the management of existing sales forces and instrumental in opening new territories for containerized shipping.


After graduating with a Masters Degree from the Thunderbird School

(America Graduate School of International Management), Brian accepted a position with United States Lines, Inc. This containerized steamship carrier had just embarked upon the largest expansion in the history of shipping by building twelve massive containerized cargo vessels for an “around the world’ service.


Relocated to Boston, he was immediately challenged to establish - from the ground up - a Far East import service into New England. Brian was awarded salesman of the year for his business acumen in organizing and implementing this service within the first year.


As a result driven executive, Brian was transferred to Chicago, where he inspired and directed multiple sales forces in 13 mid-western states and interfaced directly with high-level executives from all significant Far East Importers, including such Fortune 100 companies as Ford, GM, Sears, and Target.

Getting to Know Brian Beauchamp

After his successes in the continental U.S. Brian was transferred to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and challenged to set up operations in the Central and Eastern provinces.


Starting from scratch, Brian proactively established offices, hired sales forces, identified significant importers and developed relationships with salient Sheiks, royal family members, and other individuals to ensure the successful introduction of containerized service into the Kingdom. Brian’s innovative approach to this successful endeavor resulted in his being promoted to the Middle East headquarters of U.S. Lines.


Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, his mission was to once again expand service. He successfully orchestrated the introduction of containerized shipping service into the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) countries of Omar, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE.


As the senior executive responsible for international multi-modal sales and management of a plethora of nationalities constituting sales teams throughout the Arabian Gulf region, he was able to increase sales performance by 300% during the salient time period. When politics threatened ex-pats, Brian was transferred to South America.


While in Rio de Janeiro, Brian was responsible for the entirety of South and Central America, where he proactively leads and refined sales teams in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and Panama with the attendant result of markedly increased productivity and profitability.

Then on to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Brazil

And so... Brian returned to the U.S. and the law

After a successful career in international management and the demise of U.S. Lines, Brian returned to the U.S. to attend California Western School of Law in San Diego, CA. He opened his own practice in 1996 and represents clients in the areas of probate and trust litigation, estate planning and family law.


On a personal level, Brian is a history and literature enthusiast, plays golf and, of course, enjoys scuba diving.

Brian Beauchamp